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Our Story

Our world is barraged by interruption marketing, with companies screaming for consumer attention from every possible viewing angle. Every ad and pitch starts to sound exactly like the next one, and it’s nearly impossible to feel like you can determine a legit company from a shady one, especially when it comes to internet marketing and web design.  

We really hate to hear stories from people who trusted their entire online ad spend to someone for internet marketing but didn’t get anything for it, or invested in a new website that didn’t get finished. Do any of these sound familiar?: “I spent thousands of dollars on SEO and didn’t get ANY results”.  “I was guaranteed first page on Google but that never happened, and now my money – and my SEO guy – are gone”.   “My web designer took my money, but bailed on my project halfway through and didn’t finish the site”.   (note: please don’t trust anyone who guarantees you first page on Google)

At 602, we’ve been around the block and we’ve looked behind those curtains.  Nobody deserves to be taken advantage of like that. Not only is it not ethical, it’s completely unnecessary. Besides that, it is just so not cool. THAT is why we do what we do. Because you deserve BETTER. You deserve a marketing partner you can trust, and results for the money you invest. Truthfully, frustrating stories like this have turned into some of our favorite clients and our best success stories! 

Internet marketing and web design isn’t a tag-along or a ‘me too’ industry – it takes real expertise to do it right.  The entire 602 team has years of experience and results we are happy to share. We come to the table with advanced degrees in web development, custom programming, master’s certifications in internet marketing, and we pair those with integrity, ethics, and results. 

At 602, old school values, where a handshake, an agreement, and a relationship mean something, are the ‘why’ of what we do. We are an ‘above and beyond’ service-first company. We are here to help your business GROW. And you can trust us to be accountable to you, every step of the way.

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